Saturday, September 29, 2012

It has certainly been an interesting start to my school year.  In school for 2 days and out for 8 days because of mold.  I had to set up my classroom twice this year, once before the mold and again after the cleaning.  Crazy!!

Everything is back in order and I had a great first full week with my kids.  I really love my class this year!  I only have 18 students which is really small for us.  We had some children move out of our district this year and they were all on  my list.  My team members all have twenty some students in their classrooms so if any new first graders move in our district this year they will definitely join our class.

Now that life has returned to a normal routine I hope to finally get sometime this weekend to start posting pictures of my classroom!  I am still so excited that I finally have a blog and I'm looking forward to sharing :)

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