Saturday, January 5, 2013

Writing Binders

Mrs. Hedrich.."How do you spell....?"  I'm sure that this is a question that you have heard many times when you kids are writing.  After teaching for 14 years I wish I had a quarter for each time the question has been asked :) 

Today I am going to share the new writing binders I created last year.  They have made such in difference in my classroom.  The children love writing and I actually hear them say "Yes, I have WOW (work on writing) today".  I have even had children ask to use them during inside recess.

I started by creating monthly binders which include several topics specific to that month or time of the year.  Here is the cover for my February W.O.W. binder.


Your students will use these picture cards to learn vocabulary, grammar and spelling. The colorful pictures will help motivate your students to express their feelings, thoughts, ideas, and dreams when writing independently.

This packet includes:
*90 America the Beautiful picture cards
*50 United States picture cards
*27 Valentine’s Day picture cards
*27 Wedding picture cards
*18 Groundhog’s Day picture cards
*18 Dental Health picture cards
*9 Tooth Fairy picture cards
*Plain writing paper
*Picture prompt writing paper
*Label It! activity sheets (B&W and color)
*ABC order activity sheets for Word Work center
*Writer's checklist for students to remind children
what to focus on while writing.
*Common Core Standards for ELA

Due to limited wall space I do not have a word wall displayed for all the students to see. This writing binder is a great spelling resource for individual and small group work. If wall space is not an issue for you, you can enlarge the picture cards to poster-size and post them in your writing center. (I am so happy to share that I just got a Smart Board in my classroom! I have been displaying the picture cards on this for whole group instruction as well.)
Here is a sample of how I set up my writing binders.

I start by printing each title page and picture card twice.  (I print the picture cards on white cardstock.)

Next I will place one title page inside the front of the clear view binder and the second inside the back cover of the binder.

I will place the second copies of the tile pages into page protectors for inside the binder.  (the second set of picture cards are used in my Word Work centers.)

Next I will cut and place the picture cards into the baseball card holders in ABC order. (If you don't want to cut individual cards you can always use sheet protectors to slide a whole sheet of words into.)  I like the individual cards because I keep them in ABC order and it is easy to add new picture cards as I get new ideas.

Finally I will place folders inside the back of the binder for the following:

*to hold the picture prompt writing papers (The plain paper is copied in large quantities located in the writing area.)
*for stickers the children may use in their writing or illustrations
*Label It! Activity sheets (B&W and color)
*writer's checklist for students to remind children what to focus on while writing
If you would like to see my binders please visit my TpT store to see all of the monthly binders and the topic binders such as Community Helpers/Transportation and Fairy Tales/Nursery Rhymes.

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