Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hello everyone!  I'm back and so excited to get started...AGAIN!  Last August I created this blog with the hopes of sharing my classroom with you.  Unfortunately it turned out to be a crazy year for me and I never had the opportunity to share like I had hoped to.  Well now I am even more exited to be back :)

It has been a relaxing and FUN summer for my family and I have enjoyed every second of being home with my beautiful daughter.  We still have a few weeks left before going back so it's not over for us yet.

To everyone who went back in the past few weeks I hope you had a great start with your new classes!  To everyone who is still enjoying their breaks have fun because we know it always goes by way to fast.

I have had lots of time to create new material which I will be using with my own class this year and I look forward to sharing it with you soon :)

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